With a passion for filtration


Johan Bergdahl is Filtac’s MD and has been running the company since the turn of the century. At that time they were a very small team with an office of just 35 m2. Today Filtac is a global player with large customers on several continents.

You have been running Filtac for many years now, haven’t you?
“Yes, I have and the first few years were difficult, just as they tend to be for most new companies. But we were small and flexible and gained market shares by being focused, creating trust and providing a high level of service. We were small, but always ‘on our toes’.”

When did things begin to take off?
“Around 2006, things gained a bit more impetus when we secured a couple of major customers who gave us some large-scale orders. This, in turn, meant that we could begin to take on employees.”

What is your role in the company?
“As MD, I am the coordinator for the company. I manage the company according to the owners’ wishes. Having been taken over by the Nederman Group gives us brand new scope for accessing the global market that we previously didn’t have capacity for through our own efforts. We have unique expertise within filtration and consequently we fill a segment that Nederman previously didn’t have full access to within the company.”

And when you are not working?
“I have two grown-up children and live in Gothenburg. When I have free time I like to go down to our holiday cottage in Varberg. And I usually try to get down to the Alps at least once a year to go skiing. I usually also exercise at Friskis & Svettis a few times a week.”

Is there anything we perhaps might not know about you?
“Possibly the fact that I played in a pop band when I was younger. We were called ‘Tatuerade Tårar’ and played ‘Noise pop’.
And then there’s my interest in Mini Honda, or Monkey bikes, as they are known. I have two, a 74 and a 76, and I am also a member of ‘Monkeybikers’, who usually meet up once a year. Last year I was the only one who was ‘dressed up’,” says Johan with a laugh.
“But there is a lot of passion in this. You should always do things with passion, I think. Whether it be monkey bikes or entrepreneurship.”


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