The only woman among the guys at Filtac


We had a chat with Rebecca Carlsson, who is employed at Filtac. We talked about what her work involves, her leisure interests, and how it feels to be the only woman in the workplace.

You deal with sales support and administration?
“Yes, I mainly deal with the company’s administration, particularly order confirmations, purchasing, shipping and the like. Previously I worked as an order clerk at NetOnNet and I enjoyed that, but this position is even better, as I get to plan and be responsible for my own work, which is both fun and more stimulating.
I actually trained as a nurse, but nothing came of that, as I didn’t have any experience and lots of other people did.
That’s pretty crazy, when you think about it.”

How would you describe Filtac?
“Well, you can speak your mind and there is scope for fun and jokes, which makes easier to work here and feel at home. I was a little concerned about what it would be like when I started here, but it has been more fun and better than I would have dared imagine. I thought I would miss having women as colleagues, but I haven’t yet, and I have already been working here for a year now. There is a great atmosphere that I really enjoy.”

Garden and family
“When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family. My family is my partner Robert and Vince, who is three years old.”
Vince will soon also have a little sister.
“Yes, I’ll be working for a few more weeks, then taking a little maternity leave. We live near Kungsäter, which is on the border of Västra Götaland and Halland. We have our garden, which is an interest we share.
We both like plants and having somewhere to grow things. And when the garden is resting for the winter, we often watch TV. And I also really like interior design. That’s fun too.”

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