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In Industrial Ventilation, we work with three different types of filtration and separation; Oil mist separation for all types of oil saturated industrial air, dust filtration for separating dry particulate and gas filtration of pollutants at the molecular level.

We at Filtac AB have many years of experience in how to design and build different types of plants to make them functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. For nearly two decades, we, together with our customers and consultants, have designed, manufactured, installed, validated and deployed complete deliveries. This, coupled with the vast experience we have means that we work with everything from product deliveries to complete plants.

Together with the customer, we map the working environment. We then do an analysis of your needs to get as good and effective a solution as possible. In all our work, we have a holistic approach and a long-term environmental awareness.

Our job is to protect the 3P – People, Products and Processes.


  • Oil Mist Filtration (PDF)
    Within our product range, there is everything from smaller units for installation directly on the machine tool or centrally positioned units to take care of one or more production sites. We have many years of experience with how to design and build various kinds of facilities to make them functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This, combined with our extensive experience within oil mist and oil smoke enables us to offer customers an effective, tailor-made solution. Together with our customers and consultants we design, manufacture, install, validate and we are able to offer complete deliveries.
  • MQL (PDF)
    Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is a high-tech solution in which tools and workpieces are cooled and lubricated with very small quantities of finely distributed oil or oil emulsion delivered by compressed air. At Filtac we have identified two new applications, which are defined by the ratio of drainable impurities and solid particles. We have decided to call them Semi Dry and Medium Wet. Filtac has developed Filtac MQL so it can meet MQL requirements and also to take account of process conditions, which can change over time. Filtac MQL can be adapted for Semi Dry/Medium Wet/Wet applications, with a wide range of filter types and different methods of handling filtered particles. Filtac MQL can also be modified after installation if the process ever changes. This means that an existing unit can be converted cheaply if the process changes from Semi Dry to Medium Wet or vice versa. All that is needed is a different type of filter and a change of dust handling. Filtac supplies everything you need for MQL processes, from products to turnkey systems.The concept MQL / MMS is patent pending by Filtac AB.
  • Dust Filtration
    We offer quality-controlled products from the German manufacturer Freudenberg, which are often considered by OEM manufacturers to be the original providers of products for safe and economic operations. The choice of products from Freudenberg Viledon is based on extensive experience in which we have continuously proven that the choice of the right product gives customers a hassle free, assured safe operation with the best overall economy and environmental benefits.
  • Gas Phase Filtration (PDF)
    We have a complete range of products and systems in gas phase filtration. We examine the need for individual sizing, depending on the type of gas and the concentration.The need for gas phase filtration occurs when airborne pollutants are so small in size that they in principle can be described as free gas molecules. In these orders of magnitude, not even the most sophisticated particle filter (ULPA) will work. It requires a completely different technique to intercept these free molecules, namely adsorption and or chemisorption.


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