Committed and focused on results


This is Mikael Sandberg’s description of the company where he works as Procurement Manager.
“Filtac, as a company, is characterised by a positive atmosphere and short decision-making channels. These are both aspects that I really value highly,” says Mikael Sandberg.

What does your role involve?
“I am responsible for purchasing and production. With regard to purchasing, there’s a lot of factors that have to work perfectly. We talk about the right product, with the right quality, at the right price. The delivery time plays is important too. It’s often a matter of identifying products that are the optimum for what we need.”

Special projects for special demands
“A lot of the time, we work specifically according to our customers requirements and develop unique solutions to suit them. There is also a lot here that needs to be right in order for our customers to attain as good a product as possible at a reasonable price. But figuring out this challenge is what makes the work so enjoyable.”

How satisfied are you with working at Filtac?
“Filtac is a company with short decision-making channels, which often forms the basis for achieving rapid results. This, in combination with the commitment that permeates the company, is what characterises Filtac. We are a cheerful bunch who enjoy messing around with each other now and then, and as a result we have a very positive atmosphere here.”

And in your free time?
“I’m married and have two young sons, 9 and 11 years old. We live in Äspered, north-west of Dalsjöfors, where we have a farm with original buildings from 1874. Right now we’re renovating the main house. We’re renovating in a way that respects the history of the house but with one or two modern practicalities.
On top of that, I coach my sons’ football team, Äspereds IF.
Maintaining the forests on the farmland takes up a lot of our time too. I really like working among the trees.
There’s no time left for anything else after all that!” says Michael and chuckles.

When he’s not working as Procurement Manager at Filtac, Mikael Sandberg likes nothing more than
working in the forests on his farm in Äspered.


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